being vain is a pain

20040229_dur_r34_206.jpg If I am having a mid-life crisis at 35, does that mean that I am only going to live until I am 70 ? Is that how it works ? Sometimes, I want to rub ashes in my hair and wear a sackcloth (that is torn). Those times are not the normal. MOST of the time, I want to look young and beautiful, and like I have just stepped out of Anthropologie. I do not want wrinkles, or gray hairs. Ok? Is that so bad ? I know it is a sin, ahhh vanity . My birthday is rapidly approaching, a week to be exact, and I will be 36. Bloody Hell, ok, thats bad, I have started swearing in british. This could be the dimentia setting in…. Woops…thats not me in that photo. oh well.

One thought on “being vain is a pain

  1. You live in the same dream I do where you live in an anthropologie catalog.
    I just settle for browsing the sale section of their website when I am supposed to be working 😉

    Check out this website:

    She is a little quirky, but she has really interesting posts…

    Blessings on your birthday!

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