sneak peek

   I have blogged about Victoria Martinsen before, she is a 6 year old that lives in Fort Mill, SC and goes to MorningStar. She has had an epic battle with cancer. Three years it has lasted. I had the pleasure of meeting Victoria and her family, and volunteering for them when I lived there. She is a feisty little thing, I was supposed to be doing Laundry and taking care of her little brother, but Victoria wanted to talk to me and tell me how to do things. She really just wanted to see if I would treat her “normal”, I think. And so I did the best I could to to treat this little girl like I wasn’t scared to death for her. By the time I left the Martinsen home that day, I was exhausted mentally and physically. My head was hurting and my heart was hurting. I started praying for her parents that night.( I had been praying for this little girl since BEFORE we ever moved there, she has become a part of our lives now.) My children pray for her every night. Her battle is never far from our minds. Last night, I got the update that I had been dreading. She is in bed, and her body is shutting down, she can’t talk, but she can nod. They are waiting….

                                                     I was upset because, I am a selfish, self involved person, truly, I am. I was mad at the Lord, and mad at myself for feeling that way. But here is what the LORD did for me, for us, this morning….at 7:35 am, I had just dropped my little kids off at school, and the LORD brought Victoria to my mind. I started to pray for her and her family and sadness overtook me again, and then like a light switch was flipped, the LORD showed me, the mayhem, the absolute delightful flurry of action going on in heaven as they prepare for the arrival of the princess ! Take a minute if you need to, I almost wrecked my car, but it was worth it. The people/ angels were blurry, they were moving fast, it was beautiful. You already knew that , what you don’t know, and I didn’t know either, was that there were snowflakes suspended in the air. They looked like the kind you cut out as children, but they were real and they were SUSPENDED over head ! I didn’t get the feeling that they were always there, I felt like they were for Princess Victoria. Jewels of every kind were being laid out for her, too, but the most amazing thing was not the preperations, but the feeling of JOY, that was TOO BIG to describe. It came into my car and settled on me for a second. I know it won’t come through in this writing, but it was as if the LORD was telling and showing me that Victoria was coming to her real home and giving me just a sneak peek at the joy he feels when we come home.

               This is so big to me, I have always been afraid of dying.  So, I am grateful this morning. I am praying that the Lord will send this joy to Victoria’s parents, too. He is our home. Home sweet

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