Knock Knock…who’s there ?

 Today I had a voicemail from Erin( my long lost best friend), I put it on speaker and prepared myself for whatever wisdom might be forthcoming. Only, it wasn’t Erin’s voice, it was a man and he was praying. In my minds eye, I could see Erin holding up her phone and crying….I tried and tried to hear what the man was saying, I replayed it 10 times, but I couldn’t get it. So, I waited a little while and texted her…I just HAD to know.

                    Come to find out, they were trying to set some people free over there at MorningStar today ! They were praying for disappointment and hurts that were like weights around peoples necks. I am the queen of disappointment …..too many to name, I’m always looking back, and YES, I know its foolish. ANYWAYS….the man speaking said ” someone here has a friend that needs to be healed and it can happen long-distance, so call her !” And that is what she did ! She called me and she prayed that these weights around my neck would be lifted. There have been choices that I have made that I regret, but then I cling to and I let them rule over me. That is so wrong. There are times when I am so disappointed in my situation, that I forget how GOOOD I have it. That is not ok.I want to be free….free to start over. I know The LORD is moving over me right now. My ears are wide open and I am waiting for him to speak. Call me again LORD.

PS- Ok, I am speaking to you again. I cannot seperate myself from you, but how my heart hurts.

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