Are we being punked ?

20091005_snlobama_190x190 I had planned on writing a funny blog about what we had for dinner last night, but in the light of this morning’s news, it just doesn’t seem right.

                 Obama won the nobel peace prize. Surely, you are joking…this is some elaborate saturday night live skit, right ? The world has gone topsy turvy and its giving me motion sickness. How could he possibly have won this most esteemed award? On what merit ?  God, please open up the blind eyes. Jesus. There will be no peace until he returns. The best we can do is to have peace in our homes, in our families, in our churches. Stand up for what you believe in and what you know is right. Don’t get swept away in a wave of confusion, in a riptide of worldliness….be counter-cultural. Even small steps toward righteousness are steps. I heard someone say, ” morality is the BOTTOM rung on the ladder of righteousness” . We are called to be set apart and righteous, I WANT to be. I want to be MORE than a good person. I want to be TRUSTWORTHY.

                         Jesus died a wretched death for the sake of the human race, and Obama wins the nobel peace prize ? Unbelievable.

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