So, let me just say…WE CAN DO THIS ! We can go the whole month of October without eating out. The challenge was made a little more difficult by the fact that we were low on groceries to begin with and can’t get any until Friday. So, we are using what we have on hand. Tonights meal will be, soup and sandwiches ! And I am off today, so for my lunch, I am making pasta salad with the remnants from my pantry… olive oil, balsamic vinegar, a bit of cheese, and a can of diced tomatoes.

            What I am finding out about myself is this…I am at my best when there is a goal insight. I need focus, or I get a little squirrely.


*** update on Isaiah….he is doing great ! Thank you for all the time spent praying. Here is a little tid bit for you. Last year, we went through the school turmoil for 3 weeks and then, I BELIEVE, that he started to trust his teacher, and therefore…went to school. This year it lasted 5 weeks. All through last year, when I would drop him off, he would get out , not looking back and walk into that school. I would watch the other kids waving to their moms, kissing their moms, and even though relieved, I was still sad that Isaiah didn’t do those things. I was too scared of him unraveling, if I tried to tell him by or kiss him. And that was that. Well, this week , for the first time, Isaiah got out of the car, shut the door, walked a couple of steps and then turned (my heart beat was flying), big smile on his face and waved. It was wonderful. This morning, he added, “love you” to that.

                  Sometimes it takes me a little time to process my blessings. A little mulling over. Who cares about food ? We will figure it out. We are blessed in so many other ways ! Have a good day.

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