Stop the bleeding, please

I an effort to stop the bleeding of our budget, the Butcher and I are not eating out for the rest of the month of october. Harder than it sounds, when both of you work, and the kids have activities…eating at home is a strenuous activity. We are always up to a good challenge and so here goes….I will post each night what we have. Please prepare yourselves for AT LEAST one night a week of cereal. I will also be looking for CHEAP recipes that feed 6 people(one of those being a 12 year old boy who eats nonstop).

                           We are also looking at our expenses in an honest way, scarier than riding tower of terror at DisneyWorld. The things that we spend money on are so stupid. Really. It sneaks up. It does not help that Glam is located next door to starbucks. I don’t even LOVE starbucks, its just a habit. BLAH. Its ok, the only way to get me going is to challenge me, so here goes. I will keep you posted.

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