the biggest spirit man that I’ve ever seen…

Isaiah got a hair cut last night before bed. It was my idea, but he was fine with it. I cut it shorter than I did last time, just to make it easier to manage. He looks so cute. He woke up slow this morning, locked himself in the bathroom and cried about his hair. He felt very insecure, he wanted it back. I knew it was coming and I braced muself for the emotional blow that was coming, he stood their crying, so angry and hurt, and said,” its YOUR fault, YOU cut my hair, I didn’t want it !!”. I am ashamed to say ,that I was ashamed. I recoiled into a heap of self loathing for a few minutes. But the voice of the Lord was LOUDER, and I let him lead me back to the present. I can’t help Isaiah if I am lost in my own fleshiness.

               Thomas and I both took him to school, he put a hat on, and I wrote a note asking for special permission for him to wear it. I believe that God gave me the words to say to him today, I told him about his spirit man, and how we make him stronger. And when I saw on his face that look of ” Im going to do it”, I told him that he had the BIGGEST spirit man that I had ever seen. He pulled himself back from a full blowm meltdown. He was willing to be talked down from the ledge and I count it SUPERNATURAL STRENGTH.  His spirit man is still growing and I am in awe. Thank you Jesus.bicep1

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