Ispent the evening in the kidzone at church. They were learning how to use their bodies in worship ! Hip Hop worship. Really ? I was born for this. It was just what I needed. Sometimes, I start believing that its just all false. The problem, you ask ? I think it may be that the church is filled with grown ups every Sunday morning. Just kidding. No,I’m not.

     It was just good for my soul to jump around and watch children DECLARING that God is good ,All the time.  It was a sweet reminder. It was beautiful , and I feel like it was a symbol of hope.

 ”  from generation to generation, We worship you” !!


One thought on “Declaring….

  1. it’s funny that people take such a narrow view of worship. There isn’t one form we should be connected to.

    We are suppose to worship in many ways, and yes we CAN use hip hop for that too 🙂 take it from a grown up, I want my son to worship God every way he can:-)

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