donuts for dads…

         One of my favorite things about public school is, DONUTS FOR DADS. Its always near the beginning of the school year, and it is such a beautiful picture. All of the little boys and girls walking through the parking lot, holding hands with their daddys, looking up at him every few seconds, just to make sure he is really there. I love it. The look of pride on their little faces.

                                                     The Butcher would rather die than miss donuts for dads. Thats just the kind of guy that he is. My children are blessed and I think they know it.

                 I know it is a hard day for kids who don’t have a daddy, but I am trusting that GOD is walking in with them, hands held tightly. That is my hope and my hope is in my DADDY. Have a great day ! Try to get out from under the human condition !P7020227

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