My eyes are on the prize.

           Esther kept her true identity hidden, until the proper time.

                      My king has been preparing me, inside this cocoon, until the proper time. The time to break out, the big reveal. I don’t know what to expect, but I have my eyes on the prize, his name is JESUS.

            I had this vision in 2006 during a time of worship.

     Jesus walked up to me( i was a little girl), and took me by the hand. He led me up a rocky path. We went so fast, I kept thinking that I would fall down, but I did not. We ended up at the cross, together, we looked at his broken body. Without a word, he pointed out the nails in his hands and feet. He took my hands again, and we began to dance and sing, ” ring around the roses, pocket full of posies, ashes to ashes, we all fall down”. We laughed. It was a good vision. He KNOWS me. Knows my fear of falling, of failing.

                                                    We all fall down, we all fall down

                                                      We all fall down, he picks us up

                                                     We all fall down, he picks us up, he picks us up.

                                                     We are all nailed down, we are all nailed down

                                                     we are all nailed down, he sets us free….he sets us free.

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