fight for freedom…

chainsI took the weekend off. Everything in me is urging me to take the week off as well. To go back to bed and cover my head.

               We took Z to Word of God ministries yesterday for his counseling session. We made some headway, however, he did not recover the exact memory that is causing the nervousness and anger and fear about school. We uncovered some lies and a wonderful time of prayer. It was a peaceful place and Z could feel that. He sat for the whole 2 hours praying and cooperating. If you have ever been around a 7 year old boy, you know how hard that is.

                   Its hard when your memories are still pretty fresh and his are only a few years old. I did some forgiving of teachers who have treated him like there was something wrong with him, and church teachers who have grabbed his arm or shoulder (when he was 3) he may not have remembered that yet, but I DO.

                               If you volunteer in the kids area ,at your church or mine, or if you teach preschool…I beg you to do it prayerfully. You have great influence over developing children, speak to them in a voice that would sound like Jesus to them, and if you must touch them, then do it in love. My son believes that he is unlovable, horrible, and a bad kid. The lie started out small, but has grown into something that could shape his whole life, if we let it.

                           Isaiah got up and got dressed this morning, he ate breakfast and then all of a sudden…he was missing, we called his name and he did not come. He was no where in the house. My heart started skipping beats. Thomas went to look outside, and he found him. Thank GOD. He found him, because REALLY, Isaiah wanted to be found. And he came in and started the process of hiding in a corner and crying. We remembered to speak truth and blessings over him, I know it might sound cheesy to some of you, but , I , WE, are willing to do whatever Jesus says to to do where this little sheep is concerned. You may think that we are being bambuzzled, or fooled by Isaiah. I do not think that is the case. He has a physical reaction to going to school and we will help him, we will listen to the LORD and lean on him. Its all we can do.

            Thomas took Z and although , he was crying when he went in, he was not fighting and we count that as a victory.

                    Lord, I pray for all of the children who feel LESS THAN, this morning. I pray for all of the children who have been told that they are HORRIBLE, or stupid, or had someone say to them,,”WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?” I pray that you would speak loud enough to drown out the lies. You only speak truth, and the truth will set them (us) free. So come on speak to Isaiah and all the rest of the ones who need to hear it today. Break the chains that break our backs, break the shackles that cause our wrists to bleed, come and set us free today.

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