This is off the subject. I could write another whole blog about Isaiah, but I will break from that today. Instead, I will tell you something funny and insightful from my childhood…get ready  to laugh.

                       When I was a teenager, I had a crazy cat. She was wild and could not be contained. She had kittens, and that made her even wilder. The point is, one day I came home to find one of the little newborn kittens dead. I knew I had to bury it and I found a shoebox and put him in it. Amy( my sister), and I thought about how to proceed with this burial, seeing as how we did not have a shove, or any other digging tool. We put our heads together and do you know how we buried that kitten ?? With spoons !! How is that for using using what you’ve got.

       One more story , once when Amy had a date and our yard looked terrible because we did not have a lawnmower, we got out in the yard and cut the grass with…scissors ! Are you laughing or crying ? We have also swept leaves into a pile, when we didn’t have a rake ! There is something to be said for getting by on what you’ve got. Hope this took your mind off of Isaiah, it did mine. peace.

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