I really want to say”its no big deal, in the scheme of things, in the big picture”, but thats just not how I feel this morning. Sorry. Isaiah woke up good, and when it was time to get in the car he asked for a tums (which he does every morning), its his way of letting us know ” im not ok”. We started to pray for his physical symptoms, he also felt like his throat was closing up, but would not take a cough drop and would not be consoled. He did get in the car, but would not put on his seatbelt, so Thomas got him out and is taking him in.

                      What do you do when someone doesn’t want to be healed at that time ? He is having too hard a time seeing past his fear to see what the Lord is doing. The advice that I have been given, is to let the Lord love on him and me and let the Lord do the work, but I have to lament here for a second….PRACTICALLY, I have to DO something. Right ? My baby is suffering and I feel like he is in a prison of his own making. It seems so simple, just go to school…..why can’t it be easier for him, for me ? Why does he feel like his throat is closing up ? And don’t think that I haven’t heard the voice in my head saying, “he is going to remember this, that you didn’t care if his tummy amd throat were hurting, that you sent him away from you anyway”. 

                              I know thats not from the Lord, but it is there…So, I am going to go now and pray. Would you please do the same? I know its not a disease, its not cancer, its not life-threatening, but it IS spirit-threatening, so those of you that are reading this don’t move on to your next blog of the day, just stop and intercede for my son today, for my family, it affects us all. thanks.

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