We have had 2 great days of Isaiah going to school, then this morning, he was sad ,and did his best to stay in bed. I did my best at sounding like Jesus, and reminded him that HE DOES ALL THINGS WELL. He denied it this morning. “I don’t do all things well, I don’t”. Yes HE DOES. He did get up, he did eat breakfast, he did brush his teeth, He did get in the car….and as we sat in the line he said,”my pants are itchy, we need to go home and change”, at this point, I was trapped in the line…so I had thomas to meet me with different clothes, and Isaiah changed and got out of the car, but as he walked toward the school, he got slower and slower, and eventually started he to cry. I can see him fighting to do the right thing….whatever this battle is for him….He is fighting.  Making a valiant effort. He went in, he was not angry, and that is a victory.

                              Thanks to the ladies that stayed and talked to me last night about my baby. Thanks for caring about him and about me. Thank you for not saying” have you spanked him, or that he is spoiled”. Thanks for “SEEING” there is more than meets the eye. Love …..

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