FYI…just catching you up.

Glam is participating in the twestival fashion show tomorrow night at the Lazy Goat down town. We met up at the store last night to send one of our favorite employees off to college, and to dress the Miller sisters for their trip down the runway ! It was a nice diversion from everyday life around here.

Sidney is struggling with Spanish this year, its harder than she thought. So, she spends a lot of time studying in her room. I hope.

Adam is doing well at middle school, the homework load seems to be light, he is getting a trombone today for band class. I wanted him to do chorus, but he said there are no boys in there. Fine, what do I know ?

Isabelle….(can you hear me sigh?) Everyday, she comes home and says that she does not have any homework . And no study guides either. So, being the control freak, that I am, I wrote a note to the teacher asking what Isabelle is supposed to be studying, so that I could help her. The teachers response was NOT what my brain wanted to hear. She does a lot of teaching in class, and the tests are mostly based on that, so the students really have to LISTEN. uh oh. Last night, at bedtime, Belle remembered that she had a project due today. Fun. Daddy helped her get it done. I know, I don’t REALLY deserve him.

Can I just say that Isabelle is suffering right now too? We scoot her out of the way to deal with Isaiah far too many times. It’s hurting my heart. This weekend I am going to do something fun with her. I want her to know how much I love her, and I’m not sure that I am conveying that right now. I am on edge and tired of all the song and dance.

Yesterday afternoon, I picked up the kids, I like doing this. They come out of the school with smiling faces, excited about what the afternoon will hold. Isaiah had a good day, got his progress report…all a’s. This morning , he decided that he did not want to cooperate at all. Laid in the floor would not get dressed. Have any of you tried to dress a seven year old lately ? A little difficult to say the least. Eventually, I threatened a spanking. NOT what I want to do. He cried louder and louder the closer we got to school. Thomas walked him in and he seemed to be fine when he got in the room with the teacher.

I, however, am not fine. I look and feel terrible, I am tired. I dread getting up every morning. The same fight over and over is starting to wear me down. I don’t think that jokes are funny, or that food is good, I am trying to rejoice, but it’s hard.

Thomas is doing his best. He is working so hard on his coffee company, and everyone who tries it, loves it ! I agree, the fresher the better. It does make a difference. He is trying to keep all of his balls in the air, so to speak. ( sorry, I guess I DO still have a sense of humor). He is helping with Glam, and working at W3, and Black ass coffee, and trying to get giftcard recycle off the ground. Meanwhile back at the ranch, holding me together. It’s a big job. It can only be the Lord in him. I am so grateful.

Ok, thats it. Thats the update. I hope you read this blog because you fight for the underdog, and not because you like to watch people unravel. peace.

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