Revelations…left and right.

        Here is a shocker…Isaiah did not want to go into his class at church today. No biggie, I kept him in big church with me. THANK GOD !

                       As soon as we got in there worship was starting ,and I didn’t give Isaiah time to think about it, we scooted ourselves right up to the front. I know the LORD inhabits our praise ,and I really needed to find him there. Isaiah, too.

  We had only just begun to enter in when the Lord gave me a word for Z. He said, very clearly, ” you do all things well”. And so I bent down to my 7 year old , who on a regular basis, says to me ,” I’m horrible, I’m not good”, and I told him what the Lord had revealed. I could see in his eyes that he believed it.

                        During the message, Isaiah and I were writing notes back and forth to each other ( i know, radical) I felt sure that the enemy had been filling his head with lies and noise and I knew that we were suspended, he and I, in this moment with the Lord. I had to strike while the iron was HOT. So I asked him what kind of things did the enemy say to him, what were the things that make him so angry and ashamed. He wrote it down in my journal. just like this…..

             ”  the lies he says are dont go to school. and he says things like you cant do anything.” So I wrote back, ” do you know that those are lies?” and he said, yes. So I said , ” you have to say no to the enemy, that you are not going to listen anymore, because the GOD of truth says that you do ALL things well.”  He was ready and he wrote in my journal,”ok”.

                     I asked him if he wanted to go up and lay it down before the LORD and have Mr. Adam (keyes) pray for him, and he took off like a shot ! He stood there and let Shanah and Adam, and Tim Harris love on him and speak truth to him. He came away saying, ” mrs. shanah had a word for me !” Yes LORD ! Yes ! I believe that a mighty work was done today.

                  Shanah did not know what Isaiah and I had been talking about that morning, but her vision for him went a little something like this…..She saw the LORd digging out a hole in Isaiah’s belly, digging out all the fears and insecurities, the shame, the anger and hurt, and in that cleanedout hole, Jesus planted a seed, and it grew tall and strong out of Isaiah’s belly and was a FRUIT BEARING TREE.

                                     The Lord is good and faithful, I don’t have to fight alone. He hears me when I call, He runs to me when I run to him. The desire of my heart has been for my kids to have their own supernatural encounters, and my DADDY gave me that today. Peace.P4250191

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