bedtime stories

 The Butcher usually tells bedtime stories, he is SO much better at it than me, but last night we did things a little different. We went to each child and asked them to ask the Holy Spirit to bring them back a memory of something we had done, as parents, that made their heart pound, and anger knot their stomach, or just plain hurt their feelings. It was crawling up on the altar in the purest form. Recognizing the wrong and asking forgiveness from the ones that love us the most, and the ones that are hurt by us the most. It was interesting, to say the least.

                                          I have certain triggers, these triggers set off certain reactions in me that are NOT good. I have narrowed down the most obvious triggers- accusation, rejection, and correction. Up until now, if you did any of these things to me, then you were just plain, shut out. Cut. Eighty-sixed. After last nights marriage class with Gene Wagstaff, I know the single incident in my childhood that recorded the feelings that I have now whenever I am accused, rejected or corrected. Thank you HOLY SPIRIT. Now that I know it, I can deal with my unforgiveness and move on.

                               There was NO way ,that I was going to go one more day without clearing the air with my children. So…start up the fire and climb on the altar, offer up your pride and make things right with the ones you love.

ps. If you want to know the incident, I will share. So, let me know.

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