And the Walls came crashing down…

                 Started the day out at THE HINGE ! It is awesome to walk through a place where everyone is gathered to pray for one city. OUR CITY. If we don’t care enough to gather and pray, how can we complain about the state of our schools and our businesses….if we don’t pray for change, who will ? I wanted to stay longer, but the kids were with us and they were hot and bored. This was sad to me. Anyways, I had to come home and get ready for work at GLAM. My opportunity to affect this city.

                                GOD is really speaking to me right now about my identity. How is it that I could be 35 and still unsure of who I am in him ? I have been walking around in a constant state of agitation, because HE WON’T STOP CALLING MY NAME…..I want to believe every prophetic word ever spoken over me, I want to be the ME, that He sees. But most of all, I want to KNOW who I am, so that my kids can see.

                            An earthly Father has 3 responsibilities to his children, to give them their identity, to protect them and to provide for them. I am pretty sure that I got the short end of the stick in this deal, HOWEVER….my ABBA is teaching me now. Its going to be alright, but somewhere inside me is a 10 year old girl who put up walls that are still there today. One day ,in the near future I am going to be dancing on the rubble of the walls …that no longer exsist.

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