ladles and love

This morning was good. And so , I have basically learned that I should NEVER relax. At least until all the children are grown up. Thank you Lord.

               Tomorrow is my day off and I will spend it catching up on all the things that need to get done…laundry, groceries and general nonsense. It is very interesting trying to run the house and the business. When I say interesting , I mean …HARD.

              This is random, but so is this whole post….so there. The Butcher has made up a lovely character for the children. He sings songs about him, and tells stories about him. His name ?  YOHAN, the ladle hand boy. Yeah…he is a boy with ladles for hands, and he gets himself into all kinds of situations. For instance in one episode ( yes, the Butcher tells it in episodes) Yohan’s mom throws a football at him, and he says, “mummy , I can’t catch it , I have ladle hands”. The whole thing is done with a british accent. Yeah…I know. Crazy, that’s how we roll around here. Happy Wednesday.

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