Walk with me through fire

 Well, here we are , second week of second grade for Isaiah, and he decided that he did not want to go this morning. I believe it starts out as simple as that. You wake up and think,”I  wish I did not have to get up”. Most people just push on through that, but not Isaiah. He got up prepared for battle. He did some of the things that he is required to do, like eat and brush his teeth. All the while GLARING. Then came time to get in the car and he took off, Thomas was quick enough to catch him. We struggled to get him in the car, all of us a little worse for the wear. I can no longer hold him physically, if he doesn’t want to be held, so Thomas has to take him into the school. It was tough, when he left him, there was a woman and a man holding Isaiah down so that he could not hurt them.

                         I am not writing about this because I think it will entertain you. I am not writing it because I want you to feel sorry for me, I am writing to say that , even in the midst of that, I heard the LORD say ” I walk with you through fire”. It didn’t help me in the moment, Isaiah did not want to hear about the Lord, but it is helping me now. I don’t know what the root of this is, but I know the Lord is with me. I know that Isaiah is special to HIM, and that he will not forget him.

                       It feels like I have written this post before, so many times. Its been a long struggle. Last year, I felt strongly that  a demon whose name was called fear, was on and around Isaiah, Why is this happening again ?

                                                       A psalm for Isaiah…..

                                       I call you in my sadness, I call you in my tears

                                     I wander through the wilderness alone with all these fears…

                                       How alone will you let me be, how far will you let me go ?

                                      This prison of my own making, I am yours and here for the taking

                                         You walk with me through fire, you know my face by heart

                                         So save me from this enemy, catch me when I fall

                                              I trust you now and forever, hear me when I call.


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