fireside fun…

pics3This is how you do “glam” while camping…HUGE sunglasses. We had quite an  adventure. Here are the highlights….

  • We carried enough stuff for a family of 6 to stay a week, the hike was brutal, hardest I’ve ever done. The kids did great.
  • Sabrina(colliers were brave enough to go with us) fell out of a tree and got a huge gash in her thigh. They covered it up before I could snap a pic for the blog.
  • All children fell in the river at some point.
  • Belle reopened the gash she already had on her shin bone. ouch.pics5
  • Chris and the Butcher tried to teach their sons to make fire using flint.
  • Chris cut his thumb while teaching.pics11


Isaiah’s shoes got burned up in the fire and belle learned how to pee outside. Sidney pretty much, sat in a chair by the fire, and slept the whole time. A fun time was had by all.pics1pics13

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