you say its your birthday…..

      Happy Birthday to my soul sister. You make 40 fabulous. Who am I kidding, you make a johndeere t-shirt fabulous !

          I could say lots of frilly words at this point, like how you walk around in light, and everyone wants to be around you, but those things are only partially true. Because, what binds us, me and you, is that part of you that suffers for the truth. The way you will pick up your 5 children and move for the good of one. The way you will seek the Lord’s heart until it breaks yours. The way you will break down in a crowded setting and call on HIS name…no regretting. It’s these things and more that connect me to you.

               I know what you are thinking, and I know when your heart is sinking. I have watched you grow and change over the last 6 years, seen you face your fears. You are strong and true. I love you. Enjoy your day !! I am thanking Papa for you, my soul sister today.100_1082


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