Our Charleston trip !

                       I wish that I could explain this trip to you. It was supposed to be for Erin’s birthday, but we crammed in so much more. There were hours of conversation. Meaningful, soul searching, and somewhat life changing conversations, about marriage and parenting. The conclusion….it doesn’t matter how long you have been married or how old your kids are, there is always room for improvement, there are always new “aha” moments.

                    We also had unabashed times of fun, giggling, squealing fun. We willed time to stop. We actually prayed thet GOD would multiply the time that we were there. I think he did.

               We love Stevo and Erin so much. We watch their journey on this Earth and it changes ours. We know that God put us together for a purpose. Thanks for being free enough to talk about your mistakes and cry about them whether the waitress is walking up or not. Thanks for being the people that we can trust with our shortcomings with out judgement. Thanks for being the people that continue to spur us onto bigger and better spiritual things. We love you.4804_108126914336_598759336_1810144_2999771_n


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