We are ok.

                We have had a tangle over here, but we are ok. It is silly for me to think that I can tell my kids the truth about the LORD, the power of the LORD, the love of the LORD, and the inheritance that belongs to us, and that they will sail through life with out attacks, problems….tangles.

               Today I realized, that my children will be at risk for MORE attacks, more problems, more tangles BECAUSE of the knowledge they have, because they choose to be on the front lines, because they seek after God’s heart. Its a bitter pill to swallow. I have to believe that it will all be worth it.

                     There is a battle raging every day for every one of us. Good versus evil. Ultimately, we make the choices, and sometimes we make the wrong choice. Thank GOD, tomorrow is a new day, with new mercies !

                                       I LOVE YOU ADAM. Read the psalms, you look just like David to me. Keep seeking after the LORD’S heart and you will find it. It will not be easy, and not always fun, but it will be worth it. GOOD WINS IN THE END. And you, my son, are good.P2280456

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