overdue Father’s Day post.

P6200193If the measure of a man is based on how his children feel about him, the Butcher is HUGE.

               He has always been a daddy, as far as I know. Since the day I met him, that is. The title FATHER, is one that he has grown into. Our children long to be with him, even if he is doing nothing. So do I. Our children trust him, and think that he knows everything about everything. So do I. Our children, although too old for this, still expect him to carry them to bed. Yep, so do I.

                     The Butcher really believes that love conquers all and covers all. I am still learning that, but he has always known. When the children are grown with lives of their own, they will still seek my husband out, they will still want to watch him cook ,and do his funny voices. This, I think, is the measure of a man, the measure of a Father. My husband is getting it right.

2 thoughts on “overdue Father’s Day post.

  1. What a wonderful man to have as your husband and best friend.
    God has blessed you.

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