a hate so real I can taste it.

If you are not familiar with my guest blogger, he is eleven years old, and he is my first born son, Adam. He has a strong call on his life, it is evident to everyone that meets him. He is entering a time in his life when the enemy is pulling out all the stops to get to him. I HATE the vileness of  satan. I hate him with a hate that is so real,I can taste it.  I am angry and plan on warfare the likes, my family has never seen before. I grew this child in my own body, I have poured into him and see what all he can be. He belongs to the LORD, he has royal blood coursing through his veins.

                              I am asking for vigilante type prayers, stomping, tribal, crying from the inside out kind of prayers for my sons and daughters and yours, too.   THE ENEMY IS REAL. OUR WARFARE NEEDS TO BE.

                   Pray for Adam, If we join together, we can tell the enemy to go straight back to hell where he belongs.

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