got my hairs trimmed…

yes,I did. It is a change. It has a little JOAN JETT to it. Interesting.It made me feel a little different today, funny, huh ?

            We did the pool thing today, said, “don’t run around the pool” approximately 57 times, fought about swimsuits and modesty with Sidney, threatened Adam’s life if he did not stop tormenting the other children…ohhh the relaxation of the first pool day of summer.

stray dog update- The dog ( aboy, by the way) lived here for 4 or 5 days, eating our dog food and driving us crazy, and then one day a van pulled up , opened their back door, yelled “gus !”, and just like that, the dog was gone. Thank you JESUS for blessings, big and small.

2 thoughts on “got my hairs trimmed…

  1. have tito take a picture and let me see! 🙂 joan jett, eh? exciting! and very glad, i’m sure. love and miss you.

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