Guest Blogger ! (he is eleven and a hot mess)

                          I want more !

It’s me again, Adam. Today, right now…..I want more. Back at my old church in Fort Mill (morningstar),kids were INTO it. I mean eight, nine and ten year olds walked around the church with twitches, praying, yelling, and healing in the Lord’s name. But at my church now…not so much. Rosie(my mom), says that maybe I am the one to start the movement. But I don’t know how. If I get my “church” friends together and say, “hey lets pray and dance and yell”, they’d say, “heck to the naw” (no). Then it would just be me by myself, alone. Sooooooo, I need you to keep on praying. Pray for courage for me.adam's 103adam's 035

PS these are some of my morningstar friends.

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