I’m so glad that I got out of the bed today.

I ducked out of my duties on the childrens worship team, yes, I am a guilty mess because of it. I just could not get up that early, nor did I have one minute to learn the songs. I ALMOST ducked out of church altogether, my flesh cried out “sleep”. But, the Butcher made me coffee, and I got up. Thank goodness, no, make that thank GOD.

                        One of my best friends Kat has been battling an illness for so long now, I actually forget how long it has been. I didn’t realize it, but I had started to forget what she used to be like. She is a beautiful dancer, with a beautiful spirit. She is the most graceful person that I have ever seen. Even her fingers are graceful. She is powerful in a quiet way. The illness has caused extreme pain in her joints, and her jaw bones, her nack and back. I call it the illness simply because there has never been one definite diagnosis. The illness is a thief that has stolen her dance. But it has not taken her soul.

           This morning at crossroads, the LORD was there and it was evident that ANYTHING could happen. By the second verse of the first song, Kat had come out of her seat, right up to the front, lifting her arms and dancing…giving her sacrifice of praise to ABBA. I could not be contained at this point, and owe apologies to the people around me. My moans and screams of intercession for her pain and tears of joy at seeing her worship were just too much to hold in. I began to shake ,or maybe the building did, I am not sure. It was JUST WHAT I NEEDED….an encounter with the one true GOD.

          I know that tonight and tomorrow Kat may be in tremendous pain because of her dancing today, but she could not hold her heart back from her love for one minute longer. I am choosing to believe in faith, that Abba will reward her obedience and give the complete healing we are asking for.

               Something broke free today. Something is coming in dance and in worship. Steve was so right when he said “This one is gonna cost the enemy”.

              Kat may have been down, but she is not out ,and every time she moves, she crunches the enemy under her feet. It set me on fire ,and reminded me that sometimes we are called to do what hurts…..the question is…will we ? Kat did. AMEN.2007-2008 053

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