time flies when you are having fun

First weekend at GLAM has come and gone, I am in shock. My body and my mind. It sooo much to take in. The support is overwhelming, I am so grateful.

     Tomorrow we will say goodbye to our neice and her beautiful baby. They are moving to Texas to meet up with her husband who has been in Afghanistan. We are sad to see her go, seems like no time at all that she was running around and playing at our wedding. But that has been almost 14 years and she is a wife and mommy now. whoa.

                Time keeps moving ,and faster now than ever….I want to stop it. Is that so wrong ?Enjoy it Nia, every second, even the nights you are awake the whole night. It really does fly by. You are beautiful and such an amazing mommy to Ella, it has been a pleasure watching you grow up. Love.

ps….ok thats it, my brain is hurting, if there are typos and misspelled words, just get over it:)

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