Happy Mother’s Day (courtesy of the Butcher)

P5090155  The Butcher out did himself this year !! He took me to break out bras !( that is a post for another day)He took me to old navy to get tanks and shorts…nice, but the treat was this morning. I had coffee in bed and then in walked the children, led by the Butcher, all wearing paper crowns proclaiming my goodness ! There were lovely cards and a bag full of gum(to make up for the fact that they go into my purse and steal mine all the time). But…he saved the best for last, he wrote a poem. I LOVE poems on mother’s day ! And so for your reading pleasure (drum roll, please)…..


            v- sell-a-brat….a poem for muther

               Brats is what we is, rollin’ like the shiz

               crusty butts and crooked smiles

             never matching, we got style

                   we might scream and you know we’ll fart

                   may act dumb,but you know we’re smart

                          you said “no”, we’ll ask again…..

                      won’t back down until we win

           alarm clock rings, we might come down

                could be happy, could have frowns

              never quiet, rarely still…………..

               must   have    action

                 we always will

               here comes mom, she’s such a snoop

  kids wash your hands, after a poop, put down that doggy

      make your bed, you smell awful, did you wash your head ?

                  She prefers manners, don’t be crass

                    but if you mess with her kids, she’ll kick your…..donkey.


disclaimer- I apologize for anything offensive, this is a birdseye view of our life from the Butcher, in his own words.


If your husband did anything half as creative as this, I’d like to know about it. comment.

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