Manners, anyone ?

            Why have manners been forgotten ? I REALLY try to teach my kids manners, but the outside world that they live in tells them its pointless. When I say “get your elbows off the table”, they roll their eyes, when I say “don’t start eating until everyone is seated, they roll their eyes and complain of starvation. FRUSTRATING ! And don’t even get me started on acceptable dinner conversation….ok, here is a peek at our dinner table a couple of nights ago(drum roll, please)Isaiah-burp then hahaha

                                                            Sidney”I know a girl, who has a cousin, who’s like pregnant, and when the parents ask her the name of the boy, she said well, it could be two different guys….(me- falling on the floor choking because Isabelle had just heard that)

                                                      Isabelle- “I want to tell a joke , its a good one”

                                                    me- “ok…go for it, we could all use a giggle”

                                         Isabelle- “there was a guy and someone told him to stick this fruit up his bottom……………(yes, she really said that)

 Me- WHAT !!!!????? INAPPROPRIATE. Isabelle- “why?”

 me-“dinner is over, everybody up”.  So, maybe I didn’t handle it great, I am doing the best I can. HOW, HOW do I teach them to be IN this world and not OF this world ?

              By the way…Happy Mother’s Day weekend.02c

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