a piece of pie…make mine blackberry !

Ok so my husband ,aka; the butcher (more on that later) upgraded my phone to a blackberry(there are numerous reasons why), anyways, I started having these weird feelings of guilt and unworthiness ( i know, its weird ). I started hearing voices (yes, I need help) saying “why do YOU need a blackberry, who do you think YOU are, are you running an empire, or what ?!) So, I sat down and I started to think about the things I do.

take care of the 4 people that live in my house ( my children) which includes but is not limited to my motherly duties

  • love
  • nourish
  • correct
  • clean
  • drive
  • coach
  • style
  • correct(oh, did I say that already ? I do it a lot)
  • kiss
  • listen
  • fold
  • organize
  • proofread
  • referee

work duties

  • mail
  • enter invoices
  • reconcile credit cards and petty cash
  • answer phones, fax, file
  • smile
  • be friendly
  • pretend that I am not thinking about my kids all day long

my wifely duties

  • I don’t think we need reminding what those are, do we ?

oh yeah….we have 2 dogs , too. And all 4 kids play a sport. I am tired just thinking about it, and I did not even mention helping at church (thats just how humble I am ).

               SO. Don’t look at me like that when you see me out somewhere with my blackberry. Heck yeah, I am running an empire! I might even need TWO blackberries.

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