Sometimes the simplest things crack me up. Picture this, if you will….I am sitting in my office , at my desk doing mundane things like; muttering to myself, thinking about my blog, putting lotion on my hands, when my phone vibrates. Exciting. Its my friend ,whom I will call “freckles”. Here is what I read- ” I just tripped and when I did, I peed my pants .”

               Don’t ask me why ,but the visual of this in my sick mind had me laughing for 5 minutes.  hahaha…see, I am STILL laughing. so sorry “freckles”. I am laughing With you. If you are laughing, that is.

One thought on “LOL……..

  1. glad i could help you leave your mundane little moment and give you something to laugh about. 🙂 i knew you would find this funny. And yes, i am still laughing. Except i am trying to be careful so that the laughing doesn’t lead to another accident. lol. love ya.

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