Just in case anyone is following along with my situation with Adam( my 11 year old politician/judge/adonis/breaker of my heart), yesterday I pulled strings, talked urgently and pretty much begged his principle to move him to another class for the remainder of the year. She agreed, but with one condition. She wanted to meet with Adam and hash it out. Well, when he heard that his attitude changed. He said “no mom, its only 28 more days. I can do it. I will change my attitude and be happier.”

              So, at first, I felt a little foolish that I had gone to bat for this boy, embarassed that I had harassed the principle….but I got over it. Cause in the end, my allegiance is to Adam. I am his mom, his handler, his biggest fan, his warden, his cheerleader and hopefully, his teacher.

         When we let the HolySpirit take us over, we  become like a tree that bends, but will not be break. I know Adam has felt like he was being pushed to his breaking point, but the fact is, he was trying to do it on his own.  We simply can’t. If I can get that lesson into that brilliant mind of his, well……the possibilities are limitless.

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