can you hear me now ?

We found out right before Christmas that Isaiah had a hearing screen at school and failed. The nurse notified us that Isaiah had to see an audiologist for further testing. Of course, I have been backtracking over all the odd emotional things that have gone on with Isaiah over the last couple of years. Basically torturing myself with “what if he couldn’t hear ?” So, we had the test yesterday…the doctor came out and said “your son has a significant hearing loss”. My heart sank. The good news is, the problem is in his middle ear, there is a medical explanation behind it. His eardrums have fluid built up behind them and therfore, are not moving and vibrating like they should. Tomorrow we see the doctor who will start the healing process by cleaning out his ears and removing the tubes that have been in there since he was one (we thought they had come out years ago, but they are stuck).It won’t be pleasant, but we have to do that in order to see the eardrum and go from there.

                                         At the beginning of this year, we found out that Isaiah was not participating in gym, I am positive that this hearing thing has played a huge part of this. He COULDN’T HEAR THE INSTRUCTIONS! He has been hearing things as if under water, thats why he talks so loud. Aha ! I am just so relieved to figure out a small piece of the puzzle that is Isaiah.2008-047

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