Dry Bones

When I look around at my circumstances, I admit I am sometimes guilty of seeing dry bones. Today, I was reminded of what ezekiel saw in his vision. The Lord told him to prophesy and speak life into the bones. Maybe ezekiel was like me, maybe he thought those bones were dead and gone…hopeless. But he did it ANYWAY! And AS he was speaking, the bones began to shake. I want to see that in my life, in these dry areas that I think are dead. The bones began to come together, sinews and flesh….are you following me?

                     I am NOT going to look at my circumstance today, but at the KING OF THE UNIVERSE, who holds all things in his hands. All things.

              I will prophesy over my children today, my husband, my bank account, my calling…and AS I speak THERE WILL BE SHAKING!!

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