God has set his love upon me

I don’t know why or how, but in an instant tonight, I came to that realization. Without a doubt. And its made me crazy !! I want to SHOUT ! I want to tell the world how this knowledge of the LOVE of God has messed me up. I want to praise him from the inside out…..how does that look ? How can I make it happen ? He breaks me down until I am shattered pieces of sound making my way through the atmosphere.And he breaks me open, that he can fill me up.  I’ve spent my whole life trying to fill the space inside, because I could FEEL , the space inside. Lovers and liars, vanity and pride…nothing satisfies….until him. HIS love is saving me now, His love is saving me now, his love is saving me now.

                     I will stand beneath your wings(they are BIG enough)

                      I will look to you for my everything(you ARE enough)

                      I will abide in your love…because you have set it upon me.

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