Its never to late.

Its nice to know that we can be remade in the Lord. He can change our minds, our hearts, our fashion, our lovelives, our voices, even our hair !!

                I want to be remade, I want to believe that I AM BEING remade, even as I type this. There is no physical evidence that I am being remade right now, but I think I am.

AHA!….Shame was never my portion? Are you sure God, I could have sworn that it was, for as long as I can remember. You keep finding new ways to tell me that it was not, that it IS NOT. that I am new, that I look like you.

             Bewildered and baffled by you, tied down to my own view

           open me up and let your love flow through

                 stop my heart until it beats just for you

you’re calling my name, singing my song

         bringing me back to the place I belong


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