the least of these

The other day, Isabelle said to me “i just read the story about the lady who poured her perfume out all over jesus, now, why would she do that if she knew she could sell it, and do something good with the money?” First of all, it shocked me that this was the view Isabelle had of this…a worldly view. But then I realized, she was just going with her gut, she wasn’t saying what she had been programmed to say, or what she thought people wanted to hear. She was just being practical.

                          So, I started explaining about giving up all you have, wasting your life on your love, how he is worth it…all of our posessions and even our dignity, that its all about him.

            Later on, I was sitting around thinking about(lamenting really ) worship, my songs and my heart . And about how helping out in the kids worship had been fun, but not like “REAL” worship. Just then, the Lord hit me over the head with what I had been sharing with Isabelle.

                Singing and dancing in front of those kids IS pouring out my worship on HIM. Its not wasted, what i do unto the least of these, I do unto HIM. And so, the next time I am in there and I look out at the faces of the children, what I will be seeing is JESUS, and you better believe that I will be breaking my bottle and pouring it out. Every last drop…he will fill it again.

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