Its STILL Christmas

Its 9:45, and its still Christmas. Its good to the last drop around here. We like to squeeze in as much fun as possible.

                I can honestly say, this is the BEST christmas ever. We spent less, prayed more. Personally, I yelled less and laughed more ! Time is flying by and I have been blessed enough to notice it, I don’t intend to waste one second of joy with my kids.

                   Sidney is upstairs reading an amish love story (the only kind I like)

                       Adam is in the middle of a dogfight in a british spitfire (on the new wii)

                    Isabelle is in bed (fell asleep listening to her cool new walkman)

                Isaiah is on his way to bed,too (after knocking out 15 opponents in the wii boxing ring)

                Thomas has cooked brunch, opened the toys (whose packages were designed by the devil), succumbed to a migraine, got prayed for by the whole clan, and was healed, found a lost toy, played outside, put together a racetrack, lowered the seat of a bike, played wii bowling, boxing,tennis, and barbie horse back riding ! Don’t feel sorry for him…he loved every minute. He is joyful.

I am….listening….to the quiet, smelling…coffee and cookies, looking ….at the christmas tree lovingly, feeling….peace on earth. goodnight.

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