The nose knows…

I have recently become an aunt again, my nephew JUDE is 2 weeks old. He is a beautiful baby. REALLY. He smells so good, that it should be fattening just to sniff him. I know, thats a weird thing to say, but that thought occurred to me the other night as I put my nose in the sweet spot between his head and his shoulder and inhaled deeply. That smell makes the world go away. I believe he smells like Jesus. He is fresh and brand new, in a little while, he will have to work harder to smell that good. My sister will have to put lotion on him and before long…no amount of johnson& johnson will stop him from smelling like a little boy.  Grass and pancakes, for those of you who don’t know yet.

                                We have to work harder than we want to to smell like Jesus. The fragrance of Christ is REAL, I’ve noticed it on people I know. Its attractive and its compelling. I love it. I want it. Can I get that for Christmas instead of my usual perfume ??

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