Christmas Hangover…

There is this part of me that is so sad/sleep deprived/dehydrated/spiritually depleted and sick when Chritmas is over.

                What is the cure ? Orange juice and a couple of tylenol ? A project, to keep my mind busy and confused ?  don’t know. I usually throw myself into the new year with organizing something or other, or the goal of becoming addicted to the gym. This year though, I am predicting that those things will not SATISFY. I want you Lord, want  you to change me, rearrange me, make me new ,make me look like you. And not just that, make me SEE like you. Look at my circumstance like you would.

           I know why I am tired, it is hard to carry around the weight of the world,or at least the weight of my world. I want you to take that Lord. I believe that you can. So…when nothing satisfies me, come and be enough.

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