turns on a dime…

Since we last spoke I have taken my daughter’s phone away (most likely forever), started a new job(which is more fun to me than it should be), and gone away on a retreat(where I found out that I am a passive aggressive prophet), its been a heck of a week.

                     Seriously, if you read this blog, then you know I have a real soft heart for working moms, and I never wanted to be one. But God sent me the perfect job. I drop the kids of at school and go to the office, and then I leave work at 2 and go pick my kids up. The only one whose life has changed is mine. I get up earlier, and my house is not quite as clean. Thats ok, I am becoming the proverbs 31 wife that I’ve always wanted to be. Which reminds me, some of the reason I have so much trouble with that is because of the way I’m wired. After this weekend’s retreat, I have a better idea how to talk less and love more. That was worth the price of admission. I’ll tell you more later. tata for now.

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