Thankful (original, I know )

  • a crackling fire
  • kids in polar fleece ( and no socks)
  • new babies in that caterpillar state (i am an aunt once again )
  • pumpkin pie ( for breakfast)
  • a family that likes to dance( Isaiah is the best, he’s into breakdancing)
  • children that BELIEVE that their dreams MEAN something
  • friends that can come over without the house being cleaned
  • farmer john cheese aka parmesan cheese (thanks Isabelle)
  • an 11 year old son who still wants to snuggle me
  • a teenager who talks during dinner
  • a husband that cooks
  • a husband that laughs
  • a husband that cries
  • a husband that loves me ugly (thanks nikki)
  • my house, its more than I need
  • my job, its just right for me
  • my life, my beautiful strife

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