ring around the roses

Did not go to prayer…I know, life got in the way. That doesn’t mean that I’m any less full of faith than I was yesterday. Anyways, we did see the dr. who is treating him for ringworm even though there is no circle and no ring to speak of. We shall see.

                            RETREAT-a going back or backward;withdrawal in the face of opposition. A period of rest or seclusion.

               Personally, I say the womens retreat is both. I am going back(to my first love), and I am withdrawing in the face of opposition(every day the enemy opposes the way that I raise my kids, and he opposes the way I CHOOSE to love my husband) and I am taking the chance to rest and be in seclusion in a lovely place with lovely people.

                   My flesh says”dont go, stay at home, dont go”, but my spirit KNOWS, for a fact, that when I go before the LORD with an empty basket, and open heart, he never turns away. Never. He has burned the book of my rebellion, and he loves me with a love that cannot and will not be restrained. Going to a women’s “retreat” is the least that I can do. peace.


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