bigger than I know

Ephesians something says that HIS LOVE SURPASSES MY KNOWLEDGE. I like that. However much I think GOD loves me, Its more ! So much more that I cannot even wrap my mind around it. It simply surpasses my knowledge.

              Sometimes, however, I am deceived. And the enemy tells me that I DONT have, what I already DO have and I get sidetracked. I get distracted from my true purpose….worship. Not music, worship of the soul….colorful, sweet, warm, and life changing worship.

              So…this deception happened to me recently and the Lord gave me a mantra to think on and to speak out. I love it when he does this, its like a cheat sheet, or a get out of jail free card. Anyway onto the mantra….He told me to say and to believe….I was made for more than this. I was made for more than this.


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