I guess I was doing things that would classify me as charismatic long before I really knew that it was a “type” of christian. Does that seem weird, or maybe blissfully ignorant? If their was a timeline for my testimony it would look like this

  • asked jesus into my heart(so I would not go to hell)9 years old
  • left the baptist church(parents got divorced, evidently churches did not like that) 12 years old
  • came to crossroads (looking for the Lord ) 24 years old
  • coasted and grew in knowledge
  • got into a small group that changed my life forever. God was there, along with some others…the frickes, the butlers, the littlesons, the sears, and aaron keyes was the leader. I was 29 years old.

Its been a roller coaster ride from there. I started hearing the Lord’s voice, I read everything I could get my hands on. Threw myself into prayer for my kids. We moved several times. And God has always been with me. Always. So, if trusting him and listening to his voice, and believing that he heals and still does miracles is being charismatic…then I guess I am one! Who knew ?? Oh yeah, theres my crazy dancing, can’t forget that. Sometime around age 30, maybe 31…I started getting the urge to worship fully with my body, to dance and jump and shout and sway.So, I did it.

           When I think about how far down he had to come, to reach me, I am so grateful. I have been forgiven much, and because of that…I forgive. I have been loved well and deeply by my papa, and because of that….I dance. goodnight.

2 thoughts on “charismaniac

  1. Ang – I know this will sound cheesy, but watching you worship inspires me to worship deeper. I love the feeling that comes with worshiping the Lord with singing, swaying, dancing, and all that good stuff. I can’t imagine my life without it. I look back on how my life used to be and I’m ashamed to say how comfortable I was with one Sunday morning service, singing quietly and counting the minutes until I could leave. Now I need God’s living water like I need actual H2O to survive. It feeds me! Love.

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