brother against brother

My two sons, Adam(10), and Isaiah(6), fight all of the time. It is really getting to me. I have been praying in earnest for a while that God would give them some kind of common ground. I believe he will, but I am frustrated right now. Isaiah is very unique in his personality, he is not shy exactly, but gets intimidated easily in groups of children, seems unsure of himself. Adam has never been unsure of anything in his life, and walks with the confidence of a much older child. It breaks my heart when Adam makes fun of Isaiah for spelling a word wrong, or not understanding something. I know that Adam has jealousy for all the attention Isaiah gets from me, and so I really do try to be fair and equal.

                                  I need your prayers. It should not be this way. I want them to be on the same side.

  Also, Isaiah did not go to school the last 3 months of the school year.Please pray that his confidence will grow as we move toward the new school year. I would realy appreciate this.  It gives me a boldness to pray, when I feel the body praying with me.

                              hot salty tears run down my face, mimmicking the way I run for the cover of your grace. I am blind and cannot see the power you’ve placed in me…papa, set it free. release the you in me, papa, set it free.

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