Its sunday night, end of the weekend, and I have a headache. Came home from church, went to bed, thats not like me at all. I’m pretty sure it started when the security guy at church(brad) came and told us that Isaiah (6) had left the church biulding and was sitting in the car. All of the memories, bad memories of last years school crisis came rushing back to me. Time is running out, school is getting closer and closer. I am praying for Isaiah all the time, but I need someone to pray for me. Pray for wisdom and discernment in this situation, pray for HIS perfect love to cast out ALL of my fear. Thanks…I know you will.

One thought on “headache

  1. Oh no! Ang – so sorry! I have been praying diligently for the “isaiah situation.” I will continue to pray for your wisdom and patience. I will pray that He will give you the words to speak to Isaiah, that He will give you strength, that He will take care of the situation the way He wants it handled. Nonetheless, you are a GREAT mother and no matter what happens know that I am here for you if you need anything. Love.

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